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Multigrain breakfast squares/Cereal bars

Breakfast squares! When we go travelling, I am the hungry bear looking for food all the while. I cannot eat a lot at a time and need food very often in small portions. If I ask my husband to go … Continue reading

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Quinoa kichidi/Mixed hot pongal/Venpongal with quinoa

Quinoa Pongal Venpongal reminds me of my high school days when I was in National Cadet Corp (N.C.C). While serving pongal at home, I mentioned to my family that it was my breakfast during my army training days. They had … Continue reading

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Cake Decoration Basics – Lesson 4

Grand finale! There is this inspirational cake adorning a board on the wall when I walk into our cake decoration class. It is made of foam and decorated with butter cream icing, gum paste and fondant and stuck to the … Continue reading

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Lentil curry/ Horse gram curry/ Kollu kadaiyal

Horse gram dhal curry for better grades!( just kidding!) My daughter was getting ready for her exam scheduled at 1.00 p.m. and I had to pack her lunch. She doesn’t like anything that involves her fingers getting messy while eating … Continue reading

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Cake decoration basics – Lesson 3

Cupcake decoration The third lesson was on decorating cupcakes with buttercream icing. If cupcake is the name of the game, I can play all day! It always brings a big smile as the kid inside me yearns for the ‘yum’ … Continue reading

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Ugali and stew/Cornmeal porridge with collard greens stew and mutton stew

Uhuru Kenyatta was inaugurated as the fourth president of Kenya this month on 9th. My hearty congratulations Mr President! Amidst all the controversies surrounding his presidency, I think, he will be a very efficient leader as he is a shrewd … Continue reading

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Green peas masala/Peas curry

Green Peas Curry Green peas masala was a remarkable start to a day when we were travelling in Kerala, along time back. On a wet morning, my husband and I were in a bus after an overnight train trip.  At … Continue reading

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Cake decoration basics – Lesson 2

Decorating A Cake The second session was on decorating an entire cake. There are more complex skills involved in decorating than what meets the eyes. It totally depends on the manual dexterity and not merely on artistic taste. We took … Continue reading

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