Hello world!

It has been a long time since I posted. So I thought it is good to start with some roses to restart my blog.

I have become a big fan of bare root roses as my daughter presented me 3 fragrant repeat blooming roses in 2018. The grew, bloomed and spread its fragrance all through summer.

They are floribunda roses, called Earth Angel perfuma, another a pink Chartreuse de parme and a light pink Nahema all with heady perfume and showy flowers.

Earth Angel is a white rose that has a pink tint in its center. It had about 60 buds this year and a record for that shrub. Most of them blossomed except a few which were munched by olive green worms. This rose is very fragrant with a mixed scent of apple, elderberries, and lemon. It blooms repeatedly so I have about 16 new buds that are starting the next round. I love this rose for its bouquet of flowers and heavy scent.

Earth Angel

Earth Angel – cup shaped flower

Chartreuse de Parme is a lilac pink rose with great fragrance. Its double layer of petals and heavy scent make it the ideal rose for cut flowers. It grew big and strong and had 36 blooms and another round of 18 buds. It has a pleasant citrus and tangerine fragrance.

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Chartreuse de Parme
Charteuse de Parma

Nahema is a climbing rose and has fragrant light pink blooms. It is a repeat bloomer but I had some suckers developing at the base and when removed the plant suffered. So its growth was not as expected in its 3rd year in my yard. It had six flowers this year and is producing new buds.


Kiss me Kate is another climbing rose. It grows on the other side of the arbor to match with Nahema so I chose a pink fragrant rose. I planted it this year and it grew well from bare roots. It was slow to grow as it had some shade around it and had only two flowers as there was a worm attack. Now it is well-rooted and the growth is vigorous with 3 more buds.

Kiss Me Kate

Hybrid tea roses are a pleasure to look at and they make great cut flowers. I have two of them, an orange called – Tropicana and a pink called Pristine. They have upright canes rather than a bushy growth and carry large flowers.

Hybrid tea orange rose – Tropicana
Hybrid Pink – Pristine

Miniature floribunda roses are also called patio roses. These have cute little flowers with a mild scent. I got 2 small pots from the store, one red and one yellow with a lot of flowers. When I tried to plant them I found 3 roses in each pot. Planted them separately and had glorious flowering in 6 spots. They are blooming repeatedly.

Miniature red rose
Miniature yellow planted in a pot

I use compost, coffee ground and broken egg shells and water them lavishly. Summer is dull without these beauties blooming and I am waiting for new blooms in the following days. Enjoy these flowers!


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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. narf7 says:

    Good to see you back. Are you going to keep posting now? Just wondering as if you are, I will add you to my rss feed reader 🙂


  2. Welcome back and I could almost smell those beautiful roses.Such a joy to look at.


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