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Steamed rice cake and chickpeas curry/Puttu and kadala curry

It is a shame if I don’t write about Puttu and Kadala. It is like bread and butter in Kerala. I have eaten it all throughout my life and can connect it with many stories, old sayings, humorous and real … Continue reading

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Waffles/ Whole wheat oat waffles

Whole wheat, oat, buttermilk waffles When we planned to move to Canada, I gathered a lot of information about its weather, food, clothing, schools and housing! Even Columbus would not have done that much homework! All in my holy desire … Continue reading

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Rice banana pancakes/Gluten free vegetarian pancakes

Greet the day with pancakes! Last weekend, I went on a road trip to Pittsburgh. We visited the beautiful Venkateswara temple on Penn Hills. Flowers had started blooming, atmosphere was serene and the experience was incredible. On our return trip, … Continue reading

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Methi Poori/Fenugreek leaves poori

Methi Poori for a special kick! Poori is a fried flat bread. Poori is slowly disappearing from our family food chart as it is deep fried and poses unwanted health questions. I am strictly prohibited from eating them by family … Continue reading

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Appam and istew/ Rice crepes with stew/Plain hoppers

Appam Kerala wakes up to rice cooked in different forms. Appam is one of Kerala’s favourite breakfast dishes. These are paper thin crepes with a lacy edge and spongy centers cooked in a curved pan. Appam is an easy to … Continue reading

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Multigrain breakfast squares/Cereal bars

Breakfast squares! When we go travelling, I am the hungry bear looking for food all the while. I cannot eat a lot at a time and need food very often in small portions. If I ask my husband to go … Continue reading

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Mexican flair/Breakfast Burrito/Egg and veggies wrapped in tortilla

Hens are stupid. After laying their eggs they don’t shut up, but cackle loudly to announce their great achievement to the entire world. Inevitably, the eggs end up in some hungry tummy. In those days, when I was on summer … Continue reading

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Oats porridge – Who loves gooey?

Ooey-gooey breakfast choice! I go bonkers if I skip my breakfast. Nothing serious…but would talk to myself, a lot…forget the names of people around or open cupboards and stare at the contents not realizing what I am looking for. One … Continue reading

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Quick breakfast and a short trip

Niagara Falls Cinnamon toast 1 slice whole wheat bread 1 tsp melted butter a pinch cinnamon powder 1/2 tsp powdered sugar Mix butter, cinnamon powder and sugar and spread on both sides of the bread slice. Then toast the bread … Continue reading

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White bread/Bread machine white bread

When my husband bought this neat bread machine my lips curled in a scorn. I went like… ‘Whoa, do we really need this?’ ‘Why not?’ ‘There are gazillion varieties of breads at the snap of a finger. This is such … Continue reading

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