Cake Decoration Basics – Lesson 4

Grand finale!

There is this inspirational cake adorning a board on the wall when I walk into our cake decoration class. It is made of foam and decorated with butter cream icing, gum paste and fondant and stuck to the notice board along with the course information. I wonder, if I could ever decorate a cake like that!

class cake

The last lesson gave me a chance to try. It was like an ultimate challenge to decorate a cake using some techniques we learned. The course completion certificates were on the table ready to be given out to us and we had a point to prove. So we started our cake decoration with a twinkle in our eyes as the instructor was always around to assist us.

Before venturing into the final task, we learned to make ribbon  roses and Wilton roses. This has to be made on a flower pin by slowly rolling it between the thumb and index finger while piping the petals. Transferring theses flowers to the cake was a challenge as they were crafted with very soft icing and got smashed while landing on the cake. Handling them gently with care was absolutely necessary.

1 ros

Here are some of the cake creations by the participants in my class. (I got their permission to post them here.)

cake 5 1 happycake 4

cake 6 cak3 cak1

And lastly my cake.

my cak

I really enjoyed the course because it made me relax, think and at the same time learn some new skills. Inspired by this class and being very curious to know how to make flowers in a sturdy medium, I joined Course 3, the gum paste and fondant decoration course.


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14 Responses to Cake Decoration Basics – Lesson 4

  1. The cakes look awesome!


  2. eclecticlamb says:

    As I am bad with a pastry bag and have considered taking the same course, I enjoyed reading this series. I hope that you will post about your experience with the gum paste and fondant class.


  3. asha says:

    That’s beautiful work…quite a work of art..Looking forward to your next lessons


  4. coconutcraze says:

    Thanks so much Aruna, eclecticlamb and Asha. I am glad I could post this and hope it inspires you to decorate your cakes.


  5. afracooking says:

    OMG this cake just looks stunning – much too beautiful to eat! 🙂


  6. navane64 says:

    Stunning skills which in return can be seen as the deco of the cake. Not for me because I don’t have the patience and time. That said, sometimes its a matter of practice and interest. For the time being, I am happy cooking the normal meals for my family.


  7. coconutcraze says:

    You never know Nava, there will be a moment when you may change your mind. I thought the same as you but it was a particular circumstance that left me in the class.


  8. Nilu A says:

    Beautiful.. Looking forward to learn a lot from you.. I’m a new blogger… Do visit my blog..


  9. coconutcraze says:

    Thank you. I visited your blog. Very interesting recipes!


  10. Shanthi says:

    Awesome Sridevi….very useful post… have done a good job…i have a question for you..where did go for class?


  11. What pretty cakes! It’s so fun to learn something new, isn’t it?


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