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Summer watermelon starter

Okay, summer is pretty much here and throwing us its heat and cheer. What is summer without its own melon? I mean, the delicious watermelon! I used to have a book with beautiful pictures of watermelon and a little boy … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern salad/Multi-grain Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh Days are getting warmer and everything is looking brighter. Creatures that were in a death like dormancy have stirred into motion. Birds are busy with mating calls and building nests. The land around is waking up into vibrant greens, … Continue reading

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Homemade Salsa

Tangy sweet salsa! Salsa is a wonderful side to most Mexican dishes. It is so stimulating and lively that it makes your tongue dance! If you want to make fresh salsa there are recipes for restaurant style salsa found all … Continue reading

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Vitenamese salad wrap/Asian rice-paper salad

Vietnamese spring rolls/Gỏi cuốn I have an unspoken resentment towards raw vegetables. It could be the pain of chewing them like a cow or the inpatients to break down all those hard cellulose. Come on, cooking was invented for a … Continue reading

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Tulip festival and Beet root/carrot pickle

Spring and its beautiful colours blow my mind every year. Last week I travelled to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, where big decisions for the country are made in the Parliament house. Ottawa hosts the Canadian Tulip festival from May … Continue reading

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Fiddleheads stir fry

Fiddleheads – Fail! I was eyeing this strange new greens with a lot of interest when I saw them in the stores, last year. Fiddleheads (Ostrich fern’s young frond curled tightly) are not anything new to me but cooking it … Continue reading

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A simple salad dressing and Six beans salad.

All the stress and strains of life drive you directly to salty, fatty foods. I have been having resolutions year after year to eat healthy, but failed again and again. Promises not kept can accumulate to haunt you one day, … Continue reading

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