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Aquafaba sponge cake/Fluffy sponge cake

I have been a bit busy recently and was pushing aside this post for a long time. I had a domestic issue to tackle. Now, the situation is under control. I have also taken up a full-time job which is … Continue reading

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Hibiscus tea/Health drink

Hibiscus, the tropical flower that blooms in the heat of summer is nature’s amazing gift. I have heard of hibiscus tea and its benefits. Normally, it is made using red hibiscus flowers. There is a pink variety growing in my … Continue reading

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Butter mushroom

Butter Mushroom Butter chicken is undoubtedly one of the most famous Indian dishes enjoyed around the world. It is rich and creamy with a buttery flavor. Recently, I made butter chicken with barbequed chicken. I used tikka masala to marinate … Continue reading

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Mulakushyam/Cabbage & lentil coconut curry

Mulakushyam is a simple curry made using lentil and different vegetables in a coconut gravy. I first tasted this curry when my mother-in-law made it. Being an expert with dishes from Palakkad, in Kerala where this curry originated, she used … Continue reading

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Barley mango pudding

Oh, I did not abandon everything and vanish! I took off on a short, road trip to Pittsburgh. The route was beautiful and the weather, extremely pleasant. It is nice to take a break from routine as monotony slows down … Continue reading

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Original neiappam/ Rice fritters

On Wednesday, there was this strong urge to post something. I had soaked rice to make Neiappam, the previous night because there was a special request to make it. It is a sweet celebration snack that evokes lovely memories. But … Continue reading

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Summer watermelon starter

Okay, summer is pretty much here and throwing us its heat and cheer. What is summer without its own melon? I mean, the delicious watermelon! I used to have a book with beautiful pictures of watermelon and a little boy … Continue reading

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Buttermilk herb biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits are made in different ways with some very minor variations on the ingredients and amounts. This is a very simple biscuit and I am sure you will get a perfect result every time. Remember to use quality ingredients … Continue reading

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Lentil cakes

I just love home made snacks! Hand held larger snacks are my favorite as it is easy to eat walking around.  Lentil cakes are nothing but patties of goodness made to satisfy everyone. These lentil cakes when shallow fried in … Continue reading

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Herb rice and lentil cakes

Rice being a staple in most South Indian homes, it needs a makeover at times. I cook it plain or as a watery gruel called kanji (Kongee). It is alternatively cooked as pulav, biriyani or Chinese fried rice. Instead of … Continue reading

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