Sunday Funday #8

Insects are special with their segmented body and detailed life cycle. It is an intricate world with fancy wings, crazy colours and stingy bites.

I know this is a food blog and insects are the wrong pictures here. Isn’t eating crickets the new fad? Hehe…I am trying to justify insects’ presence here. Watching them patiently and wondering at their brisk life is a nice summer fun!

Let us start with some beauties!

Dragon fly

butter fly

And from the scary side…grasshopper Moth Spiders are no doubt a bit creepy, lurking in the corners. I find some spinning their trap in my store room and clean off the cobweb constantly, but they are persistent. I, accidentally, met this guy in a corner of our garden. I was surprised to see this smart spider sitting on the other side of its web. When I looked at it, he quickly moved and hid under a branch. I had to come again for a shot and it was still feeling shy to face the camera! spider


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2 Responses to Sunday Funday #8

  1. Trudy says:

    The spider is there to get rid of some bug in the store room, or else it wouldn’t bother building a web . It’s natural pest control.


  2. coconutcraze says:

    I realize, but I have to control it or else that room will become spooky soon! Thanks, Trudy!


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