Photography Styling Challenge # 12

The last title for the Photo Styling Challenge is ‘Personal’. I feel sad that this Challenge is coming to an end because it was a good chance to learn. I joined very late but had a wonderful opportunity to try and take better photos. It was amazing to connect with others who showed great interest in this Challenge.

June challenge seemed to be easy but trying to get photos other than oneself was quite a task. My first photo is a selfie taken on a trip to Collingwood last weekend.IMG_1754

The following photos are very special as I was honoured by this bird that chose a tree in my front yard to raise a family. I was watering some flowers and heard a bit of a commotion and raised my head up and looked at that spot. My eyes met a pair of very cautious, ready to attack mother Robin’s eyes. From that moment I kept my distance but  I was fascinated to watch them grow. 1 nestlingsAll these photos were taken from my living room through the closed window without disturbing the hatchlings. Yes, I got the focus on the baby!

1 robin nestThey were hungry all the time and the restless mother would bring chewed worms and drop in their mouths.

1birdWithin two weeks they were ready to fly changing from hungry helpless little ones into downy fledglings. When I checked this morning all three were ready to fly and soon two disappeared except one still thinking twice and by mid day it was gone too.

1 robinLife so delicate but precious! This is why I like Spring and Summer.

1 photo This is a picture of a picture. The original was taken way back when kids were younger. I carried it everywhere I went and had a special place for it in my home. I decided to include this as it is our little family just like the robin’s.

This photo looks just plain and simple but I took almost half day to get it. The glass on the frame caught light glaring on different parts of the photo and it also reflected everything in front, including the camera. Finally, I managed to click at an angle from above to get some clarity. It still has a reflection at the bottom. Sometimes it is the simplest thing that makes us work hard.

Hope I have done some justice to this Challenge. Every picture was a discovery of some sort and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I wish this ending will lead to a new beginning.

Please check the ideas and clicks from all the other bloggers.



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8 Responses to Photography Styling Challenge # 12

  1. I love the third picture Sridevi! Lucky you… to see the ‘Nat Geo’ show live! Your family photograph is adorable too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. coconutcraze says:

    First time seeing something nature does it with ease and I was thrilled! I was obsessed watching them. I guess the bird will start its next batch soon!


  3. I have families of birds make their nests on my property every year. It feels like a miracle every time. I love the photo of the hungry chicks.


  4. coconutcraze says:

    I was very attached to them as if they were mine and checked to see if they were doing well. It was a wonderful experience!


  5. Namrata says:

    Wow, amazing pictures Sridevi. The third and fourth pic catch my eye the most. I am still wondering how did u manage the shoot without scaring the birds… you must have very careful controlled hands! 🙂


  6. coconutcraze says:

    Thanks Namrata! It was quite easy as the tree was very close to the veranda and from inside my window I could zoom in. The bird chose the right spot making it easy for me! Yes, steady hands is the key. I had to click a lot to get a few focused on the birds as the tree trunk was always in focus.


  7. citygirlsearching says:

    These are great Sridevi, and I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you to capture those babies! Well done 🙂 x

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