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Brazilian cheesy bread/Pão de Queijo

Soft little pillow buns The story starts like this…on an impulsive buying spree, I had bought some tapioca flour  not really knowing what to do with it. I shoved it into a dark corner of the store room. Soon I … Continue reading

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Tulip festival and Beet root/carrot pickle

Spring and its beautiful colours blow my mind every year. Last week I travelled to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, where big decisions for the country are made in the Parliament house. Ottawa hosts the Canadian Tulip festival from May … Continue reading

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Black rice pudding/Glamorous black rice payasam

 Fancy black rice pudding I was fascinated by black rice and on cooking it, I was immediately drawn to its chewy texture and distinct nutty taste. On research I found out, it is called forbidden rice and is very nutritional … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Vegan on the Tonight Show!

Originally posted on Honk If You're Vegan:
I’ve seen veganism negatively stereotyped on TV many times. The latest hit was on the Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon joked about feeling sorry for the spouses of vegetarians because they’d have…

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Jack fruit dumpling/Kumbilappam

Steamed rice cake with Jack fruit jam. When I went home last time, my mother made these tasty dumplings with jack fruit preserve and rice flour. As Mother’s day is approaching I thought of posting my mother’s Kumbilappam. This is … Continue reading

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Photography Styling Challenge # 11

The challenge for May is Living Room. So today is another exciting day. I tried to take a few pictures of my living area which is spread out to make it suitable for entertaining and for daily use. This living … Continue reading

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Hash browns/Spiced pan fried potatoes

Savoury Hash Browns Hash browns are pan fried shredded potatoes. It is a simple preparation made of grated potatoes, crisped up in a little oil with some additional ingredients. It has variation in different countries and sometimes made into pancakes … Continue reading

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Rice banana pancakes/Gluten free vegetarian pancakes

Greet the day with pancakes! Last weekend, I went on a road trip to Pittsburgh. We visited the beautiful Venkateswara temple on Penn Hills. Flowers had started blooming, atmosphere was serene and the experience was incredible. On our return trip, … Continue reading

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