Coconut talk!

Tender coconuts – golden and green

Coconut must be crowned queen of all nuts. Surely! …tough outside with a sweet interior and it contains milk…fit to be a queen!

Never missed a chance to taste a tender coconut right from the shell on hot sunny days. It tastes like nectar from a tall goddess. Every time the sharp knife slices the green top and slash the outer cover I feel a tingle in my spine. Drinking through a straw or a messy sip from the open end transports me to a beach resort. The sloshing water tastes divine and imparts a taste of the earth it grew on. Oh, I love coconuts….and have used it in most of my cooking, applied the oil on my skin and hair and indulged in the heart burn it gives on excess indulgence.

This blog is dedicated to  my mother’s coconut grove mainly for the rustle of the leaves and the breeze that passes through it. A heck lot of  coconut recipes to follow.


About coconutcraze

I'm obsessed with coconuts!
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