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Eggplant curry/ Baingan Bartha

 Brinjal curry I have a love-hate relationship with brinjal/eggplant. I like it in tomato chutney, stir fried and fried whole with spices stuffed as in eggplant-masala . I hate it floating as big chunks in curries. But when it is … Continue reading

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Potato masala/ Poori masala

Yellow potato curry! I am going back to some basics in Indian cooking. When mashed potatoes decide to have a good time with onion and some simple spices, this potato masala is born. It is the best curry to escort … Continue reading

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Okra and potato stir fry/ Lady’s finger and potato dry fry/ Vendaikai curry

Slimy Okra and firm potato fry Hey, I am still around. I was caught in a web of activities. Our house was on sale and there were showing at all odd times. I had to do my best to make … Continue reading

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Egg curry/ Egg roast/Spicy egg masala

Egg Masala This is a ‘curry in a hurry’. On busy days, a simple egg masala helps me to ‘keep calm and carry on’. I do not have a story to accompany this posts. I breeze through the kitchen, cook … Continue reading

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Lentil curry/ Horse gram curry/ Kollu kadaiyal

Horse gram dhal curry for better grades!( just kidding!) My daughter was getting ready for her exam scheduled at 1.00 p.m. and I had to pack her lunch. She doesn’t like anything that involves her fingers getting messy while eating … Continue reading

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Green peas masala/Peas curry

Green Peas Curry Green peas masala was a remarkable start to a day when we were travelling in Kerala, along time back. On a wet morning, my husband and I were in a bus after an overnight train trip.  At … Continue reading

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Rutabaga roast/Rutabaga stir fry /Upperi

Rutabaga marries Indian Flavours The name Rutabaga was fascinating enough to kindle my curiosity. Repeat the name a few times and it sounds really funny. It is also called Swedish turnip. Long  time ago when I could lay my hands … Continue reading

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