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Hibiscus tea/Health drink

Hibiscus, the tropical flower that blooms in the heat of summer is nature’s amazing gift. I have heard of hibiscus tea and its benefits. Normally, it is made using red hibiscus flowers. There is a pink variety growing in my … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday # 10

Herb butter! Plain butter is amazing. When you add other flavours, it becomes divine! Here is my herbed butter. It is a good way to extend the life of fresh herbs. This compound butter is delicious on grilled bread, pasta … Continue reading

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Fruity, coconutty smoothie

Fruity ginger coconut smoothie Spring is coming around and I intended to start it off with a fresh, detox smoothie, but ended out doing something entirely different and happily so! This is the most delicious, decadent smoothie ever! It is … Continue reading

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Homemade Salsa

Tangy sweet salsa! Salsa is a wonderful side to most Mexican dishes. It is so stimulating and lively that it makes your tongue dance! If you want to make fresh salsa there are recipes for restaurant style salsa found all … Continue reading

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Vitenamese salad wrap/Asian rice-paper salad

Vietnamese spring rolls/Gỏi cuốn I have an unspoken resentment towards raw vegetables. It could be the pain of chewing them like a cow or the inpatients to break down all those hard cellulose. Come on, cooking was invented for a … Continue reading

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