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Barley mango pudding

Oh, I did not abandon everything and vanish! I took off on a short, road trip to Pittsburgh. The route was beautiful and the weather, extremely pleasant. It is nice to take a break from routine as monotony slows down … Continue reading

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Black rice pudding/Glamorous black rice payasam

¬†Fancy black rice pudding I was fascinated by black rice and on cooking it, I was immediately drawn to its chewy texture and distinct nutty taste. On research I found out, it is called forbidden rice and is very nutritional … Continue reading

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Mocha custard/Mocha pudding

Our long waiting is almost coming to an end. Spring is around the corner! I can see a lot of activities in our garden, some green growth surfacing by pushing the soil, bunnies hopping and nibbling fresh new grass and … Continue reading

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Coconut haupia/ Traditional hawaiian coconut pudding

Hawaiian delights I tasted some island cuisine in Maui…of course, there were too many delicious varieties. I readily admit that I was on an eating spree. On the day of our arrival, we attended a luau, which is a traditional … Continue reading

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Sago pudding/Tapioca pearls pudding/ javvari payasam

This glue stick to your heart! I love bubble tea for the sensation of the bubbles gently tickling my tongue. The tapioca pearls at the bottom of the glass was an unusual twist in a drink and it was a … Continue reading

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