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Hello world!

It has been a long time since I posted. So I thought it is good to start with some roses to restart my blog. I have become a big fan of bare root roses as my daughter presented me 3 … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday#14

I had a look at Anna’s photos of Maui and it rekindled memories of my trip. Last year, we stayed for a week in Maui and tried some activities to spend the time. The best experience was a helicopter tour … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday # 13

Humming bird is the most interesting little creature to watch. I have the pleasure of watching a pair from my window facing the backyard. They have a regular rendezvous with the hibiscus flowers every morning, drinking its nectar. There is … Continue reading

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Sunday funday #12

Actually, Saturday was the funday! I went roaming, taking in the sights and sounds of the big city, Toronto! I took the subway and went for a Vegan food festival at Fort York and then walked to CNE and on … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday# 11

Summer flowers! Now I know why short is sweet! I have to take in as much floral bliss as possible so I can recollect it in cold wintery days and feel happy! Flowers are a message from earth saying, ‘Everything … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday #8

Insects are special with their segmented body and detailed life cycle. It is an intricate world with fancy wings, crazy colours and stingy bites. I know this is a food blog and insects are the wrong pictures here. Isn’t eating … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday # 7

Indian temples are unique in their building structure and decoration. Temples are usually built in very picturesque places, especially on top of hills, on river banks and on the sea shore. There are water tanks built if they are far … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday #6

Bird watching is an interesting thing! We have to wait patiently to get their pictures though! Capturing the little birds is harder as they keep moving and flapping.Last evening, I was in my backyard and saw three beautiful finches actively … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday #5

Let it rain! I hope it is raining where you are, because it is fun to watch it from the windows! Here are my favourite shots of rain. Shine after a rain! Tightly shut! About to fall… Peony blossom shying … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday 4

Lilac blossoms It is time for Lilac blooms to say good-bye because they are all withering …such a short life! I took some shots to capture their different stages of blooming. When they started to fade I felt sad and … Continue reading

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