Sunday Funday 2

Happy Mother’s Day!

I thought it was a blessing when a Robin chose my backyard to make its nest. I was happy that it trusted the safety among the climbing ivy to lay her turquoise blue eggs.


Jewel toned Robin eggs.

No…I did not disturb the mother to take these pictures. I used a selfie stick. The mother bird normally flies away for food or when there is the slightest noise while opening the door. We tried not to disturb it and walked stealthily when she was home.

It did not have a happy ending though. Two days later, I found the bird not sitting in the nest and she never returned for a long time. I was worried and took a look inside the nest. The eggs were gone! I guess, it could be a racoon or some neighbourhood cat. Everyone at home felt sad as if it was a personal loss! Today, I found the same bird picking twigs and fibers and flying to a new shelter to make her new nest!

This is another mother that walks with her baby!

bunniesThis cotton tailed rabbit and her young bunny lives somewhere around and mows my lawn for free. When I start my vegetable garden they become a bit notorious and chew all the young saplings. Last year, I lost quite a lot of plants. This year I am going for plants that rabbits hate!

Have a great Sunday!


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14 Responses to Sunday Funday 2

  1. Trudy says:

    Beautiful pictures!


  2. coconutcraze says:

    Thank you, Trudy!


  3. polianthus says:

    really blue! wow

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  4. veganrescue says:

    Beautiful pics! Aww, that is so sad one minute they were there and the next minute gone. 😦
    The rabbits are too cute!


  5. coconutcraze says:

    I have more wild life visiting my garden throughout this Season…including humming birds! These rabbits will get used to me soon and leap around me. Right now, they scoot away at my presence.


  6. wow such a lovely color!

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  7. You know what, here in Indonesia we used to believe that if someone’s house used by a bird for nesting, the couple living there will be blessed and they soon to had a child…..


  8. coconutcraze says:

    We have similar belief too! The house will be blessed with good luck and prosperity! So no one will try to shoo the bird away or interfere with the nest building. I guess, it was basically to live in peace with nature and other creatures! Thank you for that information!


  9. Lovely pictures. ..

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I liked the last line, you’re going with plants that rabbit hates.. There was hell lot of intensity in those sentence. Lucky you, you got someone around all the time 🙂


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