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Kadai paneer/A spicy cottage cheese dish

Kadai Paneer is a dish made in a particular pan called Kadai/Karahi. Kadai is an Indian wok, circular, deep iron pan with handles. It retains heat and that imparts a signature taste to this dish. Cubed Paneer (cottage cheese) is … Continue reading

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Soy meatballs with stir fried vegetables

Salads are the best way to include vegetables in our diet. When vegetables are stir fried with other additions like meatballs and sauces, they make the dish tastier and more nutritious. There are many dishes that include meatballs as a … Continue reading

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Pineapple upside down cake

I’ve always looked admiringly at all lovely pineapple upside down cakes and heaved a deep sigh! Sadly, I have not tasted one! I could not find one in any bakery near my place. It is easy to imagine the taste … Continue reading

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Today, I had Moussaka, a recipe that is my daughter’s favourite. She had tasted it in a Greek restaurant and wanted to try it at home. ‘Moussaka’…isn’t that name a mouthful! I kept repeating it a few time just to … Continue reading

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Cinnamon roll/ Gooey Cinnabuns

It is gloomy and rainy! Nothing could blot the dampened mood except a heavy dose of sugar! Instantly, I rolled up my sleeves to bake some cinnamon rolls. I drool looking at cinnabons but keep away from them because I’m … Continue reading

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Crunchy Snack balls – Guest Post from Sridevi

Originally posted on Traditionally Modern Food:
Its day 5 and there is one more energy balls recipe, this time it is from Sridevi – Coconut Craze. During my Initial days of blogging I was checking my wordpress reader and saw Sridevi’s…

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Middle Eastern salad/Multi-grain Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh Days are getting warmer and everything is looking brighter. Creatures that were in a death like dormancy have stirred into motion. Birds are busy with mating calls and building nests. The land around is waking up into vibrant greens, … Continue reading

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Steamed rice cake and chickpeas curry/Puttu and kadala curry

It is a shame if I don’t write about Puttu and Kadala. It is like bread and butter in Kerala. I have eaten it all throughout my life and can connect it with many stories, old sayings, humorous and real … Continue reading

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Spicy mushroom buns/Stuffed masala buns

Who doesn’t love buns? A perfectly shaped, cute bun is a precious feast for our eyes! Its  smooth, browned outside and soft inside will attract even a saint. I am still talking about food! Don’t be naughty! Okay, it is … Continue reading

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Spaghetti in white sauce/Pasta in béchamel sauce

Simple Spaghetti! I was craving pasta a couple days ago. Sometimes it is the ingredients in your pantry that commands you to cook. It happened to me when I was blankly staring at the containers and jars for an inspiration … Continue reading

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