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Muffin/Carrot cranberry oatmeal muffin

Rise and shine muffins! I was introduced to muffins in Canada, especially after becoming a Tim Hortons’ customer.  They keep adding new varieties and get everyone hooked to muffins. I like their Blueberry muffins with berry goodness, fluffy texture and … Continue reading

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Mushroom Samosas/Vegetable Samosa

Snack time! I was feeling bored! Bored like there was nothing to do…uninterested in everything and was stuck in a vacuum. I was just drifting through life..merely existing rather than living! If you live far North, you will know what … Continue reading

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Cauliflower and peas curry

Spicy vegetable curry When everyday cooking takes a toll on my imagination, I go blank very often and look for some inspiration in my cook books. I wrote down this recipe from a woman’s magazine many years back. It is … Continue reading

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Home & Garden Show

It was inspiring to walk through this year’s International Home and Garden show at Toronto Convention Center. I was able to learn a few things and got a lot of ideas. If you are interested in home improvement you would … Continue reading

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Swiss roll/ sponge cake/ Japanese cake

Chocolate rolls When I was young, my dad used to come home for tea and bring a variety of cakes from a bakery near our house. He brings jam rolls often and I have marveled at its softness that melts … Continue reading

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