Carrot juice/Carrot milk shake

A bright drink to sign off Summer!

Summer has officially ended but there is still warmth in our air and humming birds are still hovering for nectar around vibrant flowers. Don’t we all wish summer should never end!

1 summerThis storm water pond came to life with ducks, ducklings and cranes…1 pondSome delicate darlings visited our garden…IMG_8240 - Copy-001Chickadee feet gently tickling when it sat on my palm to peck a seed…1 chicaDuck wading in duckweed abundance…1 duckFlower opening so silently…1 hiSummer made me truly happy and here is the proof!1 ss

Fall has started with all root vegetables showing up! It’s the season to buy all Autumn coloured vegetables. My husband bought a big bag of plump carrots and I had to find a way to put 10 pounds of that  juicy orange stuff  to good use. It was wrong timing though!

This week end, I am taking off to India for a 2 month long vacation. I am not sure about my blogging activities when I go back home. I will be pressed for time as I will lavishly indulge in all pleasures that I missed immensely. There is a wedding in our family which will be action packed with a lot of chattering, visiting, shopping and some bitching. It is going to be hectic! Oooh, I am lost in some sweet thoughts!

Before I lose track of those carrots let me mention that I had a light bulb moment. Yes, juice them up! So, I summoned the juice extractor from the storage shelf and got that contraption ready for some motion. The result was delightful and filling!


  • About 20 carrots
  • 1 cup milk
  • ice cubes

1carrot milkJuice carrots by sending them through the feeder tube in a juicer. Collect juice in the container provided. (There was no need to add sugar as this juice was very sweet.) Drink it chilled or add ice cubes. 1c milkAdd milk for a different flavour and enjoy! Or have a party!

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6 Responses to Carrot juice/Carrot milk shake

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    Amazing photo of the dragonfly on the rose! If there was a contest, you should enter it. I hope that you have a wonderful time in India. I will miss your fun and informative posts. If possible see if you can gather photos from India for a post or two when you get back. Perhaps a cultural post from the wedding including a wedding recipe? Or some fantastic shots of your area of India as seen through your camera? I am sure that anything you create including food and culture would be fantastic. Safe travels.


  2. coconutcraze says:

    Thank you very much. I will try to post some authentic recipes from India. I want to keep a keen eye on all food preparations to draw some inspiration.


  3. Balvinder says:

    Sri, I like all seasons but more spring and autumn. Perhaps because I am fascinated by all those colors of nature. Carrot juice and milk, sounds a unique combination but lovely enough to give it a try.


  4. coconutcraze says:

    Me too…I like Spring when all the bare land comes back to life and Autumn for the sunset colours.
    Carrot is one vegetable I can eat readily anytime. Adding milk makes this juice delicious but my husband thinks otherwise.


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