Display of Asian culture and an edible garden

Asian Heritage Month

Last weekend was very eventful not because of Victoria day but I had a chance to participate in an Asian Fair in our little town. Our Sports Complex came alive with drum beats, vibrant display of Asian culture in different booths, eminent people from the town, music, art, dances, Mehindi and food…what else do you need to remind of home! It was a very colourful event and I have some pictures here from the cultural activities.

Asian Fair3

1 k

Asian Fair1Another eye catching display was the transformation of vegetables into flowers, towers and sea creatures by two Chinese chefs. Vegetables and fruits were intricately carved into pieces of art. I was awe struck by this delicate craft and amazing creativity.

1 veg Veg carveI wonder how much time was taken to create these splendors! They sprayed water from a spray bottle to keep the vegetables fresh. Every bit of the event was highly inspirational!

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5 Responses to Display of Asian culture and an edible garden

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    Wow! I loved seeing the photos of the carved fruit and vegetables. Amazing! Looks like a wonderful event.


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