Glamour night and a fruit salad

Last night, I watched Oscar Academy Awards and went to bed expecting glamour dreams. But I slept like a log, dead to the dreams and was very disappointed in the morning for missing my chance to be in the glittery world. I really need some help in the dreams  department!

Oscar Statuette

As Oscar host Seth Mac Farlane sprinkled the show with his humor (read them here) the big gold trophies were grabbed by the best of the best. The glamour quotient was high in the ‘black to several shades of gray’ dresses (Michelle Obama wore one too…) worn by the guests compared to all the other colours. I was enchanted by some designer’s craft but the one that caught my interest was the fish tail, mermaid outfit worn by Olivia Munn and most unexpected cut and gunmetal gray sequins on best actress nominee – Naomi Watts.

Pics from

Mermaid tails (yaaaawn) were everywhere, but Olivia Munn's Marchesa gown was a masterclass in tailoring that was interesting enough to pull it off. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)  Naomi Watts fittingly chose to wear a breast plate courtesy of Armani Privé to battle it out for best actress. In our eyes, she already wins best dressed. (John Shearer/AP)
Lisa Olivia Munn                                 Naomi Watts

I ooh’d, ahh’d, guessed, clapped and was full of chatter throughout the telecast. The list of winners here

I saw a glimpse of Bombay Jayashri in the audience when they announced the results for the best music – original score to Mychael Danna in ‘Life of Pi’. I sincerely wished to see a sari clad woman on stage for the song category. But I can totally appreciate it going to Adele for ‘Skyfall’  after watching her perform live and being an ardent bond fan (which has got nothing to do with it, though).

The Best Actress award to Jennifer Lawrence was the most enjoyed moment not because she tripped on her dress and fell on the steps and made up beautifully in her speech but she was a fresh face with confidence. Her performance in ‘Hunger games‘ had captivated me already and was extremely happy for her. Jennifer’s after the show interview goes like this on youtube.

The most unbelievable twist was Michell Obama’s announcement of ‘Argo’ as the best movie. The Hollywood way of bringing in the first lady into the most prestigious show is really awe inspiring and made me recollect the contributions of the stars in the election campaign. I have not watched ‘Argo’ but the Canadian connection mentioned has intrigued me and it has gone into my ‘to do list’.

Although Seth Mac Farlane’s songs and jokes with the tantalizing lights and pearlised statue studded wheels in the backdrop kept me alert, I needed some late night snacks to push through the night (ok, it was only until midnight).

Amidst all the shimmer and shine, I didn’t want to be left out…so I made a simple salad in a crazy bowl to celebrate and congratulate all the winners.

1 fruits

The dressing is orange juice, a speck of salt and honey. Hmm, it kept me feeling like a part of the show, if nothing else.

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