Fried bananas/Nutty banana rolls

Bananas with a nut spread and coconut, rolled in wanton wraps

1my ba

Bananas are an integral part of South Indian cuisine. Born in a tropical country, and bombed with many varieties of bananas used in many dishes make my taste buds yearn for them. It goes well with many breakfast dishes like uppuma, puttu and hmmm….cereals. With a heavy lunch of rice and a multitude of curries served on banana leaf it is a common practice to include a ripe banana. Eating a banana after dinner is an absolute delight and it is a necessary item on a feast menu.

I love the sweet varieties and the muscled large plantains that have an orange tint and a different taste. I have not cooked ripe bananas for a long time because it is just too much! There is no need to go that extra mile.

Bananas take me back to East Africa where I spent about 12 memorable years of my life. I tasted fried, roasted and mashed green plantains and fried ripe bananas in abundance. We lived in a house near Oyster bay in Dar es salaam, Tanzania and our house had a large garden full of banana trees and free access to the fruits. Should I mention life was good!

Visiting a family friend in Dar es salaam one rainy evening I had a tete-a-tete with fried plantains in a different preparation. She made a quick dessert that stole away my heart and spirit. I have used that recipe to surprise some visitors when I added a dessert as an after thought. That recipe is for another day.

There is this amazing snack made of batter dipped, fried plantains made in Kerala called Pazhampori, sold in small tea shops. I never miss that oily treat whenever I am on a road trip because that is like the taste of the soil.

Banana wrapped in spring roll pastry is a far eastern twist on fried bananas. It tastes amazingly delightful. The crispness of the wraps and the sweet spread on soft bananas with a little crunch of the coconut is mesmerizing. Okay, without much ado here is my visual and sensory banana treat!

We can use both firm bananas and plantains to make these rolls.

1 bana ice


  • 3 bananas/plantain
  • 6 wanton wraps
  • 4 tbsp Hazelnut spread/nutella
  • 4 tbsp fresh/dessicated coconut
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • scoops of ice cream
  • few dried cranberries for garnishing


Peel and cut bananas into two halves.
Separate the spring roll wrappers and lay one wrap on  a chopping board.
Smear a tablespoon of hazelnut butter/nutella diagonally and sprinkle some coconut on it.
Place one half of the banana on top of it.
Fold sides inward and roll it into a log.

1 bana roll

Seal the edges with few drops of water.
Heat oil in a pan and deep fry rolls on high to medium heat until golden brown.

1 bana fry

Drain oil with a slotted spoon and place fried rolls on a paper towel.
Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with some dried cranberries.

1 ban rl

Banana with coconut and nut butter spread can be served as finger food or a delicious dessert after a great meal.

1 bana slice

Some tips

  • Use water to stick the sides but do not wet the rolls as it may tear and cause the filling to leak into the oil.
  • Fry in hot oil and turn the rolls to cook all sides quickly so as to stop cracking and oozing of the nut butter (mine leaked a little).
  • Reduce heat and cook the pastry side first till it browns and turn to the nut spread single layer side to fry quickly.

I bet you cannot resist these fried rolls when they are sizzling hot.  I don’t have to remind you to savour all the rolls before they cool off!

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5 Responses to Fried bananas/Nutty banana rolls

  1. asha says:

    They look super yummy..the taste of fried banana has always been my favorite..this a quite unique..


  2. coconutcraze says:

    Thank you Asha. Try this, you will be charmed.


  3. banana (ethappazham?) fried crisp in thin wonton sheets..nutella..coconut..icecream…??? wahhhh I am there soon!! 😀 The combo is deadly!


  4. That monkey holding the bananas and the verses ..too cute! 🙂


  5. coconutcraze says:

    Thanks Bharathy…I am enjoying many treats from your posts!


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