I will miss this!

I love going to the Main Street where temporary stalls mushroom on either sides with seasonal flowers, vegetables and fruits on every Saturday morning.

Our small town farm market sells fresh produce from the neighbouring farms in Spring, Summer and Fall.

They take pains to set up the stalls just for a few hours in the morning and leave, cleaning up the streets for cars to pass.

The entire family of the farmers take part in the sale of their harvest. The other day when I was at the Farmers’ Market with the colourful Fall harvest, I saw a teeny little kid shouting in his babyish voice, “apples…apples…5 dollars….”. He was the greatest salesman I have ever seen as he lured quite a lot of people with his apples. It is an interesting experience to meet local people and buy locally grown food. I am sad that I have to wait many more months to go shopping on the streets again.

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2 Responses to I will miss this!

  1. I dig farmers markets!


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